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PYLE-PRO PMDK102 - Heavy-Duty Aluminum Anodizing Dual Speaker Stand & 1/4'' Cable Kit

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Manufacturer Pyle Pro
Brand PylePro
Color Black
Model PMDK102
UPC 182682351035
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26 Jun 2017

Studio Monitors: Who Needs Accurate Sound?

During the mixing and recording phases of a recording project your studio monitors will be the tool to give you accurate representation of sound so you can make the right choices as far as effects, sound positioning and sound levels are concerned.

2 Jul 2017

Home Recording Equipment And Signal Flow

Signal flow is key for anyone who wants to start a home music studio. When inspiration hits and you get your ideas through all the phases of your recording understanding signal flow is important.

17 Jul 2017

It's Never Too Late to Learn to Sing

Whether you sing in the shower or love to belt out tunes at church, singing is a part of your life, and it is never too late to refine your skills.

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    29 Jun 2017 Posted By Rudolph D.

    Home Recording Studio Setup - 3 Secrets to a Great Sounding Recording

    So you've been playing guitar in your bedroom for years and have decided to purchase a Home Recording Studio Setup. There are so many audio Interfaces currently available that this seemingly simple task can easily become quite confusing.

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    24 Jun 2017 Posted By Oliver H.

    Use Your Sound Equipment And Your Head

    Becoming a DJ is not just about playing other people's music; DJ music and DJ culture have always been connected in terms of genre and style. Recently there has been a huge growth in DJs making something new which is their own music not just playing other music.

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